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Is something wrong? Have a suggestion? Comments are screened.
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Hey, are we allowed to ask about OCs, right? More specifically, face claims?
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Delete please?

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I have no idea what my mobile did but it logged me out, ate the subject of my post (which was the canon so my RP With Me would get noticed) and then posted it logged out entirely. I'm don't want people to wander on by since what I am looking for is so unclear. Is it possible you could delete it so I can just repost the text in its entirety? I've copied what I have word for word :)


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Is it possible to start adding the KINKS YOU WANT TO PLAY and PAIRINGS YOU WANT TO PLAY to the main posts from now on? They're commonly used, every single time a new post goes up.

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I've gone ahead and added them to the current post!
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Re: http://rpanons.dreamwidth.org/68867.html?thread=219879939#cmt219879939

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It's not clogging up the main game thread, and people aren't spamming, it can stay.
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Unfortunately I don't have access to an image editor to fix it. :( so sorry, anon

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there needs to be a technical tag for rpanons

SO uh..
i need help. there is a username I want to get for a new muse i'm going to try out but it's been purged and deleted. I looked it up and the only way you can get certain usernames that have been said purged is by purchasing a rename token. i obviously do that but for some reason, it won't let me use it? idk what i'm doing wrong. it shows the points i have

maybe i'm an idiot
help would be appreciated, pls. i'll be more than happy to show screenshots or whatever

[personal profile] socksuke_uchiha 2017-09-04 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, anon! I don't think you meant to post this to the concerns post, which is meant to report rpanon rules violations; the comments are normally screened so that only the other mods and myself can see it. You can try asking in the current post to see if someone has any advice, but you might have better luck opening a Dreamwidth support request.
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