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Get that literally out of here

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(Anonymous) 2017-07-16 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
I don't have time to build a game right now so I'm tossing this idea out for anyone who wants to, or just to toss the idea out. Picture: godhood. I want a new game where we're not doing shit for omnipotent but flawed gods, but where the characters themselves are the gods, and the NPCs are the mortals who worship them. Their world? Barren of gods. They've all died, freak accident. Killed each other. Texts were lost, no one knows about them anymore. But the world is new and chaotic, and they want something to follow. They're itching for a show of anything, and this is where our newly ascended cast comes in. The more they do and shape for the world and its population, and the more followers they amass, the more powerful the characters become as gods. This would translate to IC rewards, such as new places of worship, interesting new abilities, and a larger reign. Everyone can select what their character is the god of as they app them, subject to mod approval. (We had a variety of gods across different religions for one thing, so... We could maybe limit it to 2-3 gods to one thing to encourage variety? So we could have an eastern sun god, a western sun god, you get it. That might make things more complicated.)

I wasn't in Pantheon, but I guess this is a similar premise? I don't actually know. I think it would be more interesting if the characters are bound to one world, and they watch the world shape itself and grow under them. (A world where time would be subject to bursts of speed and jumps decades into the future, so that our characters can watch progress.) Characters wouldn't be required to do everything... A god of love may choose not to encourage anyone and may neglect their people. But that's how you lose followers. The less they do the more at risk they are for being forgotten, and the more likely their followers will pray or sacrifice to another god for what they want, increasing that god's powers instead.

Gods would have to work with what they had, too. A sun god would have to make sure the sun rose and fell every day over their people. A god of death would have to make sure the dead were properly escorted to whatever afterlife they preferred. Gods could rule by providing to their people, or rule by fear. Either option has the potential to keep the mortals in line. Players could figure out what people would need to worship them or call to them, though it might be harder to gain power. A god that is respected through offerings of fruit at their temple may be easier to invoke than a god of war who may require bloodshed. You get it.

Bonus: physical changes that come with their new godhood. Less need to eat, more immortality, more glowing or... whatever. A death or illness god may start to look less healthy, a god of light might glow at all times... Powers could manifest however players see fit, and death wouldn't be possible. For the gods. (I mean, you could choose goddess of the sea, wake up on the wrong side of the cloud one morning and decide to drown everyone on those little islands for being too happy, but what's that going to get you? Death god in the other room busy for the next few days and pissed with you for more work, that's what.)

I don't know what kind of incentive characters could have to work (besides being a god, responsibility, or the possibility of stronger powers) but maybe if they're forgotten too much they lose their powers? Or disappear. Or go into sleep. It's a variable. Anyway, there's the idea. Run with it, my friends.


(Anonymous) 2017-07-16 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
This would fucking rule

Sense8 inspired multiverse game

(Anonymous) 2017-07-16 09:58 pm (UTC)(link)
When I say inspired, I mean very loosely-

Characters don't get jam-jarred, but instead get linked up with other characters who are also still in their own canon. They can Sense8 style communicate, seeming to be in other people's presence and sharing experiences. Players are encouraged to have events in their canon occur, but differently due to the interference of the game (character development and assistance/hindrance from the linked up characters). There would be options for it going further than the inspiration, such as sharing powers and manifesting physically for periods, maybe even forcibly taking control of other people's bodies, depending on how players what to do things.

I do have a fairly vague idea for an overarching plot that would be further canon altering threats which will force characters to assist each other, but for now I was looking for feedback on that sort of play environment.

Re: Sense8 inspired multiverse game

(Anonymous) 2017-07-16 10:01 pm (UTC)(link)
How would you deal with conflicting cast mates would be my first question.

Re: Sense8 inspired multiverse game

(Anonymous) 2017-07-16 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Player choice if they shared the same altered timeline (on agreement of all parties) or were each in their own timeline that will only start deviate from their chosen canon point at application.

Or the latter without the option for the former, I haven't decided.


(Anonymous) 2017-07-19 11:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Game where the characters are all brought to a remote & empty planet to colonize it. Heavy on the sandbox and exploration factor and also just surviving with limited tools. Lots of intrigue with the organization that supposedly brought the characters in.

Logs only, or limited network usage. I want characters to have to interact face to face. No AC check, only check-ins. 'Extra' activity could be submitted for rewards/consequences.

Characters are paired or grouped up at random, just because I like forced teams but I don't know how that works into the rest of my ideas yet.

Also, a plot that moves relatively quickly. I want to start a game with an end goal in mind. I don't want a really long-lived game.

(Anonymous) 2017-07-24 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
this sounds really fucking awesome


(Anonymous) 2017-07-25 03:01 am (UTC)(link)
yo i'm still thinking about this

-npc involvement would be pretty heavy to drive story. maybe the plot wouldn't move as quickly as i initially thought if I want there to be a lot of sandbox/exploration/survival stuff in between. plot every other month?

-characters can die and come back, but with pretty heavy penalties. I think if they die more than once they're just fucking dead. Characters 'die' if the players drop but if a different player wants to app that character, they can come back without penalties.

-Assigned groups can be pretty flexible, also plot stuff can pit them against one another

-characters can earn items/food/maybe even abilities?? through extra ac

game theme is kind of wild west low-tech sci fi (low tech on player side, high tech on npc side)

asylum game, now with more actual ideas

(Anonymous) 2017-07-21 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
been thinking about this a bit more since i brought it up last post. not sure if i will actually make a game like this, but here's some thoughts i had.

- memloss game. characters are made to believe they're ordinary human beings from earth (or an alternate earth, idk) whose memories of their real lives are just delusions

- why they were placed in this situation and by who is something i haven't nailed down yet. energy beings feeding off the characters' willpower/despair/some other bullshit that's generated by the conflict between the memories of their real lives and what they're being told is real??? maybe the characters and the asylum are part of a larger experiment their captors are conducting, namely finding out what exactly it will take to brainwash large populations of sapient beings from other dimensions bc WORLD DOMINATION or something.

- the entire town is full of other people who've been brainwashed and the asylum patients are exceptions to whom the brainwashing didn't stick (or hasn't *yet*). it would be possible for players to app characters who exist in the town as fully integrated members of society, at least until the patients interact with them and try to remind them of who they really are. this could include working at the hospital itself (therapists, orderlies, other staff), sort of like Damned did.
(i have no idea how well it would go over to try to tout this as an actual AU game set on actual earth where the PCs are actually crazy and then reveal that the characters aren't crazy after all, here's some plot to figure out - it would be great from a meta/mindfuck standpoint, but probably would be seen through immediately or be really poorly received by the playerbase.)

- the setting more or less operates on the logic of "if you believe it enough, it's true" - townspeople have accepted the brainwashing that they and everyone else are ordinary humans so they see themselves and everyone else that way; the asylum patients haven't succumbed to it yet so they can see everyone's true form.

- characters can keep their own bodies within reason* and they look as they do in canon to the other patients; the townspeople, staff, etc. just see them as normal humans because that's what they've been brainwashed to see.
* for giant robots, etc. this could be extra trippy as they might seem to just violate the laws of physics by fitting inside buildings that should be far too small to contain them, etc.

- as for powers, they wouldn't be able to use these because that's the only thing the brainwashing actually worked on - they have mental blocks preventing them from accessing those abilities. either that, or they're equipped with suppression devices (bracelets, implants, etc.) that keep them from using them.

- characters will be flagged for various experimental treatments ranging from drugs to surgery to what is essentially medical torture depending on varying factors: how many memories they regain, how resistant they are or aren't to more benign treatments (therapy, etc.), how much of a pain in the ass they are in general, etc.

- as characters begin to respond to therapy more and more they will have the option of spending more time in town (getting into a supervised work program, taking classes/having private tutoring sessions, maybe living in a small group home) and lose the ability to see characters' true forms, thereby reinforcing the belief that they're "getting better." whether or not this means they're lost causes wrt regaining their true selves and escaping or w/e is up to the players.

that's about it for now. input is appreciated.

Re: asylum game, now with more actual ideas

(Anonymous) 2017-07-26 07:22 am (UTC)(link)
A lot of this is very similar to what Damned was, except that Damned didn't have memory loss, it just had an NPC staff pushing the mundane identities on the characters.

An asylum-set game is probably a hard sell in the current rp climate, but good luck to you, nonnie.

short-term murder game based off of twewy

(Anonymous) 2017-07-22 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
dunno if the concept's been done already, but been toying with the idea: characters are explicitly dead (players make up how the character died in canon) and are transported to a separate plane of existence in Shibuya called the 'Underground' (UG) where they are paired up with an equally unlucky individual. pairs have to survive what's called the Reaper's Game. last pair standing gets brought back to life.

some game mechanics:

- players are randomized partners, and killing one half of the partnership guarantees the other one will die soon after. there IS a way to break the partnership and form a new contract with another player, but you need a specialized item that can be earned in-game to do it (see pins) + ooc permission from all parties involved.

- each partner 'team' has to make up their own 'team name', which will be the designation that the mods will refer to teams by. this can be done ic or ooc. nobody except the mods will know which team name corresponds with which ic characters, though characters are welcome to try and guess.

- the only formal 'role' in the game are reapers, which are player teams that are given the designation of essentially player killers. they're there to ensure there's a kill every week. other than that, there are no other roles.

- in place of roles, there is a pool of 30-40 different 'pins', each with their own special abilities. every week, characters can choose from a list of 'missions'. completing a mission grants you a rng'ed 'pin' from the pool. player teams are encouraged to work together to complete the missions; every pair that participates gets a pin. the pin is one-use. using the pin puts it back into the pool, allowing another pair to earn it. you can collect pins without using them, so it's possible for a single pair of people to have 3-4 pins hoarded or something.

examples of pins: pin that lets you control fire, pin that grants telekinesis, pin that allows you to break a partner bond and create a new one, pin that grants you death immunity for one round, pin that allows you to read the minds of 2 characters, etc. etc.

- murderers and victims are rnged every sunday for the following week. characters are given incentives to kill in the form of promises from the 'conductor' (game master). essentially, they can ask for wealth, revival of a loved one, an incident in their canon erased etc. etc. with the catch that they can only cash in on the promise if they get away with murder.

- characters are encouraged to find out which pair murdered whom. if characters figure out the right culprit, the group as a whole gain perks.

- usual murder game schedule: friday a pair drops dead and investigations happen, saturday is the trial and vote, execution on sunday. missions go up on sunday and can be completed/cashed in for pins at any time.

- graveyard characters play a role in the setting and metaplot.

stuff i'm not sure about:

- time limit for pin/power usage? each pin is good for one-use, and players can hoard pins if they don't want to use them that week. but if in week eight every surviving pair has eight pins or something, that could get out of hand really quickly. is this an unfounded fear? maybe players have to use the pin within 2 in-game weeks?

- i have an idea of what kind of role graveyard characters can play, but putting the question out there: for other people who have been in murdergames, what kind of role do you want to see graveyard characters play?

- toying with the idea of there being an updated ic 'scoreboard' that everyone can see in shibuya crossing, which will list team names, how many pins they have and how many other teams they've killed. good idea or too obvious for characters to icly make the connection?

- half of a team going MIA, which strands the other, more active half of the team. there is an item in-game that can be earned which can break the partnership, but you'd need another pair that's willing to swap partners with you. not sure how to get around this. ideas?

- i've never modded a murdergame before. anyone interested in this concept? if anyone wants to grab this concept and run away with it, that's fine too. i'm happy to mod or just play in it.

Re: short-term murder game based off of twewy

(Anonymous) 2017-07-22 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
It sounds neat but yeah the biggest problem will be pairs of really active people getting paired with people who idle. There are always a few people in short term games who app in and then idle out very early on.

Re: short-term murder game based off of twewy

(Anonymous) 2017-07-22 12:32 pm (UTC)(link)
The partnership thing really seems like it's going to be a huge negative, for a few reasons:

1. Randomization also can ensure pairings that could be problems even if players are active. People could be on different timezones or schedules and its hard to thread or plot. Or you may have players who don't want to interact with each other. Though in the latter it would be hoped they'd tell the mods right away so you can ensure they aren't matched up.

2. How would you handle players wanting to volunteer their characters to die or murder? Would they be able to pick a partner who also is volunteering, or would some poor player get roped into this? Any murdergame mod should estimate they'll get at least one volunteer and sometimes they get a bunch. Airlocked round 1 for example had more volunteers than RNGed folks.

3. Since it's possible for players to hoard pins, what about if a pair ends up hoarding the one to break off a partnership when another pair really needs it because it's not working for them? That pin definitely needs a time limit on it, and I'd really go with a use it or lose it or that one is only given out when its wanted OOCly since you could have an opposite issue of players want to keep a pairing but the characters would break it off which is easily avoided by just not getting that pin.

4. What about punishments? Those are a staple of the genre and a great way to eliminate the folks who vanish, but it could be an issue for their partner.

5. Another thing to consider if you run it is what if you don't get enough reserves or apps for this game or you end up with an odd number because they didn't fill? One idea may be to allow players to app multiple characters if you fall short (Parasomnia did this and ended up not needing it). Expect this to be a real possibility because new murdergames can take longer to fill up and some don't.


(Anonymous) 2017-07-31 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm considering setting up an idol dressing room. not sure if drs are still a thing but it'd be nice to have a place for idol characters to interact with each other! I know there are some idols/characters from idol canons kicking around so would there be interest for something like this happening? maybe not even just idols, but other music related canons like starmyu or bandyaro too


(Anonymous) 2017-08-02 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
A DR seems like it could work very well for idol canons/characters. I would definitely play there!

If you need help with the setup, I'd be willing to give you a hand.

psycho pass-inspired game; SPOILERS for psycho pass!

(Anonymous) 2017-08-02 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
this is an old idea for a game i had, just wanted to see if there was any interest/feedback on how it might work!

it starts in a city-state, an experimental city governed by the sibyl system. then over the decades, it expanded to overtake the nation, and with its guidance, the nation became a super power that held monopoly over the world's politics.

eventually, the system was perfected in a way that its population could no longer produce hunting dogs (enforcers) with noses for crime (which largely occurred in other countries), so the sibyl system was forced to look elsewhere -- aka, the characters' worlds. ( note from PSYCHO PASS CANON: this system basically calculates, based on the person's behaviour/psychology where they fall on a spectrum of "criminality". if their coefficients are calculated to be "high", then they're judged to be latent criminals and are preemptively locked up. these latent criminals are then used to hunt actual criminals that exist in their society. )

they pulled two types of people
- inspectors -- crime coefficients of 1 ~ 100
- enforcers -- crime coefficients of 100 ~ 350
( these figures will be left up to the player to decide upon apping into the game. )

an alternate idea being that the characters are knowing immigrants into this world, where because of some disruptive force in their home world, they were forced to flee. so it's not a kidnapping, but a voluntary world hop. players would have to specify this reason in the app. trying to eliminates 'take me back!!' mentality, etc.

the only job for these immigrants is at the public security bureau. but instead of them keeping peace within the city (that's a whole different division altogether), they form the country's outside army force. so initially, these teams come off as 'peacekeepers'.

dispatched teams are of multiples of three, as one inspector will be aided by two enforcers. the smallest team is a group of three, while the largest team is a group of nine. note: there are no permanent teams! every inspector/enforcer will receive a number, and for every plot-related case, RNG will be rolled and the chosen people will be teamed up for that particular case. it is possible, however, for players to request certain pair-ups for minor plots, but not for large monthly plots.

initially, the cases will actually be peace-keeping missions. and humanitarian missions like building schools/churches, providing relief in famished countries, etc. every month, there would be a 'large' event (like helping to put down a war/rebellion) that people can sign up for. teams will be decided, plot posts will be put up, and maybe depending on how players play out their threads can affect whether it's a good end or bad end?
**these large monthly plots can also be bi-monthly.

eventually, maybe at the six-month mark, it can be slowly revealed that this peacekeeping country is actually oppressive and the system is actually trying to dominate the world, etc. etc. & by the end of it, the characters will have assisted the system in creating a dystopian world ... which would be the end of arc 1. follow-up to this arc would be to allow "old" characters to rebel/form rebel factions, while the "new" characters that app into the game take the old characters' roles as the system's pawns against the older/rebel factions to allow for PVP. all rough ideas, idk about plausibility.

now for game stuff!

inspectors get to live in the country's capital city proper, within a specific apartment complex that's paid for them. it's not extravagant, but it's still nice, and no one is limited to actually stay there if they want to move out. they have a working visa, and are able to apply for proper citizenship if the character stays within the game for a year. i guess these characters can get involved in other departments of the world, possibly move away from the army bureau (needs a better name) and work from within the country, etc. etc. it's possible for inspectors to become enforcers if their coefficients increase, just as how villains can remain "pure" in the eyes of the sibyl system. (sociopaths are shown to have low coefficients in psycho pass.)

enforcers live in a ... jail/mental facility-like complex. each of them has a glass cell where their crime coefficients can be monitored. those within the 100~150 range have more freedom than those who are higher, etc. the building is designed so that they have a common lounge floor + dining hall that everyone shares, etc. etc. the network exists for these enforcers, mostly -- since their freedom is limited, they are only able to interact with people through the network, which is entirely overseen by sibyl for liability reasons, etc. (maybe a bi-weekly lounge/catch-all log can go up or something idk...?) the motivation to keep their coefficients low will be that if they go to 400, they're either a) killed, b) deported. so there can be real stress for the characters and there's ic consequence for certain actions. there can be some, idk, relaxation/sol elements for these enforcers to help them keep their coefficients down. alternatively, being obedient to the sibyl system can also keep their number down.

again, these are all very rough ideas! any/all feedback is appreciated.

(Anonymous) 2017-08-02 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
All of this hinges on first having a strong, dedicated set of players who are willing to go along with, and, more importantly, play along with setting up a dystopian world because they knew about it beforehand or are willing to play along with plot twists as they might come. This includes characters who might have fled their home worlds because various forces were using similar tactics to set up a dystopian world and so they have the capacity to understand what's going on because they experienced something similar and recognize the signs. So, you can't have them rebel too early.

Then you need those characters to migrate en masse to the rebel faction and figure out a way to accommodate individuals such as Light Yagami, who might be perfectly willing to stay with the dystopian world and use his intimate knowledge of the other player characters to crush each and every last one of them. Or characters who might be idealistic enough to stay with the dystopian world side of things because they could inspire internal reform and it makes more sense to do that then to just fuck off into the wilderness and bomb shit or whatever you want the rebels to do. Because, after all, they're doing humanitarian work too.

And that's assuming you can sell it as dystopian in the first place. If the characters don't experience the dystopian elements firsthand or otherwise witness the downsides to this, then why should they fuck off and rebel? Then you need to figure out how to deal with things like the new crop of people taking the place of the old characters (who have long since fucked off into the wilderness to rebel) and them not going, "Let's see, who do I trust: this mysterious government or my friend from home who I literally was willing to die for?"