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Quark | DS9

(Anonymous) 2016-08-23 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
Other than the Rules, I have a really hard time with his voice. Any tips would be helpful.

Re: Quark | DS9

(Anonymous) 2016-08-23 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
A big thing to remember is that despite actually caring about his friends deep down inside, and having something vaguely resembling a conscience (sometimes?), he hedges around actually being sincere verbally almost constantly. Every kindness in the form of material goods is offered to others at a nominal price or added to someone's tab. At most, during a special or very terrible occasion he seems to give friends very minuscule discounts he doesn't give others, or at least offers to sell them the really good stuff he has tucked away. Most of the advice he offers others (and he does tend to offer it unasked but hey he's a bartender) is very Ferengi and equates to "be selfish."

But in it's weird way, that is him being sincere? He rarely ever openly says things about how fond he is of others, but if he gives very Ferengi advice to someone he likes to just look out for themselves, he's hoping they actually do because he thinks they deserve to look out for themselves. Quark cares about his friends, but a lot of that translates to trying to get them to act more Ferengi, because then they'd focus more on their own self-interest. The idea that he should selflessly act in their interests is alien and even though he does it sometimes, he tries to avoid it, usually viewing it as that he's getting overly influenced by being around Starfleet people and hyoo-mons too much.

An example of him caring about someone else's profit is in "You Are Cordially Invited." When Jake talks about getting published, Quark initially is excited for him until he says he's not getting paid and then Quark acts as if he's almost offended on his behalf and gives him his sympathies. It's clear that Quark thinks Jake deserves profit for it, which is really the best thing a Ferengi can think of someone else.

As far as his patterns of speech go, he's very dry and sarcastic. He doubles back on a lot of his more sincere or selfless words to people to prove a point a lot. In the same example, when Jake says his stories were "bought" then backtracks and says it was just a figure of speech, Quark offers him a free round and when Jake asks "Really?" he says "No, it was a figure a speech" just to sass him. Quark likes to play with other people's words and quite often will say things that sound completely sincere and then backtrack and admit he was lying, but it's usually to make some kind of sassy point.

WHOO sorry this got long but I just got done a rewatch. I hope it helps!

Elementary | Mycroft Holmes

(Anonymous) 2016-08-25 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm interested in anything and everything that you can lay on me. I feel like I can replicate how he would act well enough, but I can't quite get a grasp on putting his inside workings into words (and usually I have the opposite problem with new muses so this is a bit ???)


(Anonymous) 2016-08-30 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, RPA. Not really a specific character I need advice on, but rather a phenomenon I've noticed in my playing in general over the past few months...

I have a back stable of characters but right two of them are my 'mains'. Of them, one is an asshole who is pretty much loathed by the fandom he's part of and the other is a super obscure character who is very upright and loyal. I've been playing them both for a few years now, and I like to think I used to be good at them. But lately I've noticed none of my scenes have really gotten their voices right and the only reason I haven't been raked over the coals for it is that they're both mildly obscure. With the asshole, I find myself playing down his asshole side while playing up his good points -- not outright woobifying yet, but dancing dangerously close to it. And with the loyal goodguy character, I worry I'm not staying true to him because he's very devoted to a specific character from his canon but that relationship is kind of toxic and exploitative so I'm always finding scenarios for him to find some other person or cause to be loyal to.

Anybody have any strategies for improving when you catch yourself slipping like this? Or dealing with "oh god my writing sucks why would anyone think this was good asfadgfadf" feelings in general?


(Anonymous) 2016-09-01 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
when i catch myself fucking up a character, i just sit back and acknowledge the fuckup.

like... if you didn't understand your characters, you wouldn't have noticed your ooc tendencies with each of them, but here you are. you know what's ic and ooc for them, and from now on you'll likely notice right away if you go to do something with either that treads the line. don't be too hard on yourself. it's a good thing that you noticed your own mistakes and could be self-critical; a lot of people just stay on their high horse when other people crit them, braying about how impossible it would be for them to be ooc.

nisha | borderlands

(Anonymous) 2016-09-01 06:02 am (UTC)(link)
i think i have a good handle on her, but i'm still somewhat nervous. i'm just going to jump in and hope i don't royally fuck up. anything i should consider beforehand? common things people screw up when playing her?

Re: nisha | borderlands

(Anonymous) 2016-09-01 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
i have no advice but i love nisha, i hope i see you around c:

Resident Evil games and "fish out of water" characters?

(Anonymous) 2016-09-04 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
This is going to give me away since I was asking on plurk during a meme but whatever lol! I would really like to play a few characters from the series but most of the people who play from it...well, they SUCK. I'm not sure if we even played the same games sometimes! I'd like to avoid pitfalls that I saw in the casts of games like Haven and Exit Void (they were terrible!), more recently with a lot of people playing Piers and Sherry and also what I see sometimes on memes. I have a list of a few accounts I like and I'm probably gonna PM them to ask if they want to voice test with me when I'm more confident.

I don't want to end up emulating these other players that make me feel like I'm on tumblr with how they all seem to be playing it wrong and running with their head canons more than anything else. I'm sure there are a lot that aren't awful since I've seen some really good ones but mostly I just see really bad versions popping up the most.

Outside of the usual cast stuff like don't isolate yourself and tag out is there anything you guys can think of that you've seen in these casts that are really bad? Anything I should definitely keep in mind or popular portrayals and fanon that are totally wrong? Dialog and tics? I definitely want to pick up Leon (RE4 but I'd like to updated him to RE6 over time in a game!) followed by Jake and Chris, then Piers and some of the ladies for PSLs but I've seen a lot of issues with basically every character. I'd really appreciate advice for Leon specifically.

I might go to some kind of fantasy game (or Victory Road) since I'm really burnt out on sci fi if you have any specific advice for that genre? Any advice you might have about current modern serious sorta guys going to that kinda game would also be helpful since I usually stick to plot heavy sci fi games where I don't really have to think about how my characters would change for the setting.

Re: Resident Evil games and "fish out of water" characters?

(Anonymous) 2016-09-04 04:45 pm (UTC)(link)
i play claire, but i haven't really had much of a chance outside of psls and i know what you mean. it seems like every other claire player doesn't even want to play her. there's a ton of issues with the fandom here, how they're pretty much in their cliques, and don't tag outside of them even if on an open meme.

with leon, the most important thing is he isn't all jokes and quips. he seems to not intentionally make jokes for the sake of making them and really seems to use them to cut the tension. especially in re4 they seem limited to when he's fighting or trying to undermine salazar for example. you don't really see it in re4 when he's talking to anyone he allies with unless he's under duress and then it's a really specific sort of joking.

the cgi movies are probably where you want to go to get to the way he moves. re4 has a lot of really good lps on youtube, too, and a ton without commentary. i try to keep an entry with weapon info, item descriptions, notable quotes, and favourite scenes either by chapters or links to the exact minute/second on youtube videos for canon review and reference.

in the games that i've seen resident evil people in, i've noticed that much like any action group, they always really take charge and act obnoxious when all of their motivations have always been really personal. i can see them taking charge for themselves but only to a point. i don't think many of them would go too far out of their way to play hero beyond for themselves and friends.

something i keep in mind with claire is she and leon definitely don't have the same kind of background as chris or jill with the military and stars, and though they're decently skilled with weapons and hand to hand they're def not as strong. they've learned along the way and you can see that they don't have the same specialties (like sharp-shooting or whatever) if they have any specialties at all, and are more rounded in all things to survive where they have to. leon doesn't seem to always deal with viruses in his work and when he does it seems to be slightly related and not the main reason he's doing something. leon usually works solo, too, which is something to think about. he doesn't really exemplify stealth in but he has to be better at it than what we're aware of if he's always working alone.

the most important thing to remember is that he's not really funny in universe or successful with his flirting. when women come onto him, like ashley, he isn't interested, so it could be that it's part of his fun jokey persona, or it could be that he has a type. i would say he doesn't do it with people he respects, but he barely knew helena and didn't flirt with her, hasn't ever flirted with claire, but he has with hunnigan. outside of ada it might just be a way to break the ice. the jokes fit better with re4 than re6 since he's mellowed with age. the emblems mention he's become an alcoholic by 6 but you should probably not rely too heavily on that since we're not seeing any withdrawal in the game.

sorry this got so long. this is all i could think of and it's mostly based on how i see him written in fic since i haven't seen too many in rp. i really hope it helps you some, anon!

Blue Sargent and/or Gansey | The Raven Cycle

(Anonymous) 2016-09-09 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
I want to try out both of them; any advice?