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Gotta catch 'em all

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The Ship
Maybe you were already sleeping, maybe you were in the middle of combat, maybe you were simply drinking away your sorrows, but one way or another, you found yourself unconscious. Upon waking, though, you'll find you're not at all where you last recall being. The room is pristine, all clean lines and smooth edges, white walls and strange looking panels with lit-up displays. As you come to, your head aching and your limbs tingling, you're approached by a young woman..

"Welcome to Illyria," she says with a smile. "Don't be alarmed--you're in Sick Bay. You were found in one of the cargo bays, unconscious, with a few other individuals."

You will be informed that you are onboard a starship: The Federation Starship Illyria, which is on a survey mission in the Persephone system. Or, well... it was. The Illyria encountered a strange spacial anomaly that severely damaged their systems, and the ship was pulled into a gravitational eddy. 27 hours later, 2/3 of the crew was dead, and the ship was in an entirely uncharted area of space. The transporters are malfunctioning: groups of unknown people are beamed into the cargo bays, unharmed but unconscious. That's how you got here.

Welcome to the Starship Illyria. Your mission: to integrate yourself into the remaining crew on board, join missions to explore strange new worlds, and to boldly go where no one from your canon has gone before.

Illyria is a mission-based pan-fandom roleplaying game, open to players sixteen and older, and characters of all ages, set in the Star Trek universe. Characters will be absorbed into the crew of a Starfleet vessel lost somewhere outside our galaxy. The game will focus largely on exploring new planets and encountering the races who live there; secondary themes will include survival, as the ship may have to go long stretches without places to resupply, and creating lasting, meaningful CR with your crewmates will be greatly encouraged. There will be action-based missions available every other month for those characters who are inclined to seek out excitement, and characters will be allowed to roam about the Illyria freely and conduct their own personal affairs as they see fit. This game can be as intense or slice of life as you want it to be for you, and there should be a little something for everyone! Explore planets, replicate fancy food, learn Klingon, or have an illicit affair with your subordinate officers, the stars are the limit!
[community profile] illyria_rpg[community profile] illyria_ooc[personal profile] statusreport
Reserves are CLOSED
Applications are OPEN
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Waking up somewhere new isn't that surprising anymore, is it?
Not when you're the Lost.
You've awakened in new worlds,
battled monsters,
staged revolutions,
and struggled to stay alive.
You've done far more than the god Zephyr knows or ever will know.

All Zephyr truly knows now is that you are in need.
They see you and know you have no home.

This is why you're here. You need a home, and Zephyr needs believers.
Can you work together to build this new world?

We the Lost is primarily a healing game, but while the characters learn and grow; so too does the god that brought them here. Each choice and interaction that your character makes affects the way that Zephyr ultimately views the world. This world is nothing without you.

Characters will encounter the child god,
Zephyr, face-to-face and help them grow into a full-fledged god. Zephyr has a name and a form, but they still have much left to figure out about themselves--with the help of the people that they bring in. There are also several other gods who occasionally look in on the Meadous and have a tendency to meddle.

Mod-run events occur roughly once a month and range from silly (e.g., a kite flying festival) to serious and dangerous (e.g., gods tampering with the negative emotions of characters).

Will your character come to accept the Meadous as their new home? Or will they try to find some means of escape? Will they take advantage of the wishing pond?
Zephyr can grant many desires: healing characters from their previous games, restoring magic and items, and much more.



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This is another place, another world. You feel it almost instantly, a truth that your mind might deny but your bones know. As you pick yourself up from the dust and stone, brush grass and grit from your clothes and look around you, you realize that you're not alone. It wasn't just you.

Exclamations from the strangers around you turn your attention from your wild, overgrown surroundings to the evidence of civilization and war. Someone pulls an ancient, rusted sword from the grass, searching its pommel for gems. Someone else finds the rotting scrap of a banner, its emblem unrecognizable.

"How do we get home!?" Someone asks, in a panic. Another stranger answers, "We must have been brought here for a reason."

Does the need to return to the world you were pulled from overwhelm you? Is the need to investigate more strong? Are you happy to bid the world behind farewell?

A cry goes up in the distance, from someone who'd volunteered to scout.

Someone is coming.

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

Flawed is a panfandom fantasy and action adventure community highlighting themes of exploration, war, magic, and sacrifice. With elements based on everything from mythology to popular works of fiction ranging from the Abhorsen series to the Temeraire works, Flawed will follow a diverse cast of characters brought by magic to an unknown world. Once they arrive, their direction will be determined only by themselves. Whether wandering adventurers, good-hearted seekers of truth, or self-interested folk seeking to increase their own power, their actions may shape the fate of magic in all worlds... including their own.



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The Underground

There's the London we all know.

And then there's the Underground. The real Underground, a secret world of supernatural forces and strange creatures that walk the city streets hidden in plain sight. Witches, vampires, werewolves. Shapeshifters and humans with extraordinary powers. Ghosts. And the Other Realm, where the fae dwell, and where magic leaks out into every corner of the city.

While the parties of Westminster fight their political battles, there is another much more dangerous power struggle going on. It's a battle for territory, and it is fought by the various supernatural factions that claim dominion over the city.

Will peace prevail? Or is conflict inevitable? Let the story begin...

About the Game
The Underground is an alternate universe (AU) game set in a supernatural version of modern-day London. The game is a mix of urban fantasy and supernatural drama, with slice-of-life elements and political intrigue.

Player characters will join various supernatural factions vying for territory within the city. Choose your allies, build up your empires and make your move. The actions of player characters will determine who comes out on top in the fight for power.

[community profile] undergrounds[community profile] abovegrounds[community profile] thetube

Reserves and applications are open! Try out our latest Test Drive Meme.
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ENERVATION - A Jamjar Sex/Fantasy War Game

[personal profile] manamods 2016-07-16 05:12 am (UTC)(link)

'Enervation' is a fantasy game with strong sexual themes, set in a country with two factions at war: The Warlord's side, which summons characters from other worlds and forces them to be his soldiers or slaves, and the Empress's side, which summons characters from other worlds to defend their side of the kingdom from the growing blight being spread by the warlord and his forces.

Applications and Reserves are OPEN
Game Begins on August 1st
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One thousand years after heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman walked the earth, a group of young heroes stepped up to to carry on their legacy: the Legion of Superheroes. Working together despite their different species and cultures, the Legion fought for justice, promoted peace and tolerance, and protected the galaxy from cosmic threats -- until disaster struck.

During a battle to save the galaxy, most of the Legion vanished, officially declared missing in action. Since then, the shadowy agents of a great evil have been causing destruction and sowing discord across the United Planets. That's where you come in.

Thanks to the mysterious being known as the Time Trapper, you were pulled to the site of the Legion's last battle. In the hopes of creating a perfect team of Legionnaires, the Time Trapper has given you brand new superpowers or your own natural superpowers have been altered.

For what purpose? Nothing short of saving all of existence.

An otherworldly terror called Chronoblivion has set Its sights on consuming the Legion's timeline. If this Conqueror Worm manages to devour the Legion's universe, It will become strong enough to end every universe, everywhere -- including yours. You're the Legion's last hope. Without you, the remaining Legionnaires have no chance of stopping Chronoblivion and Its heralds on their own.

You have no choice but to fight back -- or everything ends. It's time to take the Legion Oath and take up the call:

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The game has quite a few upcoming plots over the next few months that new players may enjoy, everything from investigating possible moles within the Legion's team/support staff, to surviving televised death arenas. Characters with investigation skills and characters with unarmed combat and survival skills will find a lot to do in our upcoming plots.

The most recent test drive can be found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apps will be closing from JULY 20 - AUGUST 16 to compensate for mod vacations. They will reopen on their normal rolling basis on AUGUST 17. Any player interested in joining the game before the app closure must submit their reserves and apps before JULY 19 11:59 EST. Those that are interested in the game that miss the deadline are welcome to try out characters on the tdm and use their threads for samples when apps and reserves reopen. Many of the upcoming plots will be taking place after apps reopen.

Currently 30 of 50 players slots are available in the game. The character limit is 4 characters per player.
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Yeesh. You're looking rough. All Night of the Living Dead. Minus, y'know, the living part.

Am I being too subtle? Are you catching my drift yet? You're dead! Dead, wasted, obliterated. But you know what? Everybody dies. What comes after, now that's the fun part.

Where are we going? I'll tell you, but you've gotta promise not to freak out. People always freak out. You know that whole final judgment deal? The trial in the sky that decides if you've been naughty or nice? Wellllll, the verdict is out and you, my friend, are guilty as sin.

Hey, come back! You promised you wouldn't lose it, remember?

Hell's not so bad. Sure, we get a bad rap and yes, eternal damnation wasn't too great a time, but that's gone the way of the dino. Now we have community service! The impalement rates are at an all-time low!

So buckle up, cowboy. It's going to be one hell of a ride.
Little Hades is a sandbox game set in a charming little helltown undergoing reforms, with an emphasis on slice of the afterlife and collaborative worldbuilding. Want to smuggle illegal goods from the living worlds, run diabolical schemes for Hell's greatest corporation, or champion reform? Little Hades is your playground!


(Anonymous) 2016-07-23 12:47 pm (UTC)(link)
> a little slice of hell

well, at least your marketing campaign is honest

(Anonymous) 2016-07-23 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
how long are you going to be mad that they rejected your shitty app?

(Anonymous) 2016-07-23 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
not as long as you're gonna be pressed about being outed as that lauren
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Alpha Complex

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Trust the Computer. The Computer is your friend.
Alpha Complex is a game based on the tabletop RPG, Paranoia. Characters must survive the mercurial insanity of an AI tyrant, the terrorist plans of secret society groups and each other. This is a game where you are encouraged to act, not just react. You will be able to do just about anything as long as you are willing to accept the consequences. With high risk, comes high danger — but also high reward.