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I was deceased

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Reigen Arataka | Mob Psycho 100

(Anonymous) 2016-12-19 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
as for his canon point, i'm thinking post-separation arc at the very earliest. any and all advice would be appreciated!

(Anonymous) 2016-12-24 03:36 pm (UTC)(link)
OKAY SO. I could practically write a novel on Reigen, but I'll condense it to a few key points:

Energy. Reigen is always moving, always expressive, and his hands fly around practically nonstop. He's got those "italian hands" so to speak. The only time he really stops moving around is when he's sitting still to listen to someone, and that's how you can usually tell that he's taking in their story as well as he can; he sits put while the client tells him their troubles and only launches into sales mode AFTER they've gotten everything out for him to use to his own benefit. Even with Mogami possessing Asagiri, he toned down his usual fervor and enthusiasm by gently prodding with very calculated questions, and paid very close attention to any contradictions. Compare this to when he's arguing with someone (branch members of Claw, for example) where he'd respond immediately and with force, or when he's trying to get somewhere (being mistaken for the boss, some of his more skeptical clients) where he'd interject before they actually manage to ask the right questions.

Playing a good Reigen means actually being willing to realize that the action tags are revealing a lot more than the dialogue, but that also probably means that the person talking to Reigen is expressing something with body language, or subtle voice cues. He won't discern actual information, obviously, but Reigen's the kind of guy that can usually read people exceedingly well if he's paying them any attention. But if he doesn't care about it or if he's taking it for granted, he'll completely miss it and just keep rambling as usual. So keeping in mind what's important to Reigen at the moment or how relevant he'd find a conversation is also important.

Also, despite the fact that he's manipulative, he usually is doing what he does in good faith. He wants his customers to be happy, even if that means selling them a placebo. He actually wants to be popular and more importantly, well-liked, which is definitely different than just being famous. It's why he really doesn't handle getting attacked or scrutinized or debunked really well, and gets really bitchy about it if not just outright downtrodden (lookin at you separation arc)

He's got a good moral code, and he'll hold other people to that code, but there are times where Reigen himself will slip for the sake of convenience if he thinks it's not a big deal (like selling a fake curse item to someone to get them off his back). He's still idealistic and has his standard ethics, but he's not as dedicated to his moral code as Mob is. In fact, he finds it much more important that Mob adheres closely to his than he does to his, presumably because he thinks it's more important for Mob's sake to be a good person while Reigen himself is comfortable living in shades of grey. He has his own ideals about what kids should and shouldn't have to deal with, as well, often inserting himself into problems and insisting that adults should be handling these dangerous situations. Part of the world domination arc is Mob finally standing up to Reigen for everyone's sake, because that just isn't feasible with certain problems (i.e. a literal human bomb about to go off). His usual response to danger is to call for a better authority as well.

Reigen's confident in himself and his abilities, he has a firm belief that kids shouldn't be cornered and forced to get involved in violence, he believes that it's important to call on people that are better qualified for emergencies (the cops, the government), and his biggest weakness is how he handles rejection (read: he mostly doesn't)

Hopefully that helps! I barely managed to not make this an essay anyway lmao oops


(Anonymous) 2016-12-25 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
this is incredibly helpful, thank you so much!!