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21 days after journal entry

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finish planning this out you pussy

Re: https://rpanons.dreamwidth.org/65900.html?thread=205899372#cmt205899372

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With an attitude like that and with how Dragon Called's mod was treated, I'd not be surprised if that anon was scared off at this point.

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idea anon

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hey! i'm glad people are interested, that being said im not sure how to move forward at this point besides setting up a comm.

idea anon again

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Re: idea anon again

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Re: idea anon again

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Re: idea anon again

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Re: idea anon again

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Borrower Game

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I've had this idea brewing for awhile it got mentioned many moons ago but I would be interested in actually making it if I got help with it.

Basically, it’s a Borrower’s AU. Every character that enters the game is a Borrower. For this particular game, every Borrower has a skill that could be drawn upon for the help of the giant colony. So you might have hunters who take care of the rat problem that the house has, or you might have seekers who go out to find the buttons and string for building, and tinkers who make everything in the colony, etc. As the game goes, other Borrowers can come from other colonies (houses) and join the one in the game. That way people don’t always have to play as being a part of the colony as the game goes.

Eventually, the house that the colony is in is facing renovations and the colony can be posed with the decision of “do we move, do we stay, where would we go” and it could eventually lead to a type of migration into a massive tree where they can live in peace away from human renovations.

There can be all sorts of events borrowed from other stories involving tiny characters. So like in the Nutcracker there’s the war with the rats and that can be a thing during Christmas, beetles like from Thumbelina kidnap various Borrowers to try and make them sing for their entertainment, while scouting for a new place to go, some get swallowed by a fish like in the Tin Soldier, and so on. There can also be events more connected with the series itself, as well as things like “the family got a new dog/cat” or “the family is going on vacation” which would allow for freer travel. There can even be a “the colony is nearly discovered” plot (and the players could decide if they are or aren’t found out).

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i cant say that i have enough faith in myself as a mod to step up to the mod plate but i would absolutely drop my current game for this

Re: Borrower Game

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I love this idea and would totally play someone there! I'm mostly concerned about the migration plot: the playerbase might split, and then you'd have to manage both the groups that stayed in the house and those that moved, but if there are enough characters, there should be a large enough population in both places to keep it manageable. If the players want to have these two locations trade and still interact with each other, that would make it even better.

not!dragon called

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reposting this from the last time with some questions and requests for input and such!

The Setting- Their world is like ours, but a bit more technologically advanced. In particular robotics and the like has made huge advancements, so jobs that don't require an education or a friendly face are done by robots, ai is coming along but it's still too expensive, so service jobs, like waiters, hotel desk people, and etc are still done by people. Transportation, manual labor, and the like, however, is all robotics. Things like google glass are common, but augmented reality and microchips in your head is still relatively unheard of. except for sports and fringe adrena-junkie type things.

Any thoughts on this setting? Is it too cliche? Is there something I should add? I'd really like to add different governments/have different countries respond to this in different ways, but it's hard for me to envision this setting not having some kind of "world government."

The Conflict- An alien threat. This part is still largely undecided on. But basically aliens that we can't and don't understand have started moving towards "earth" (or whatever it's called) we've seen pictures in satellites and everyone is freaking out because they just keep coming closer and we don't know what they want. They've sent probes out far in advance of their arrival and this causes some kind of disaster/a huge loss life. we don't know what their intent is, but we have to assume it's aggressive and we have to think of a way to protect ourselves.

I can't say a lot about what I have planned for the aliens without spoiling some things, but if you had any ideas for them I'd love to hear it? What kind of disaster did they cause? Have we seen them destroying other planets? Have we tried to communicate with them? That kind of stuff is all up in the air so if you have any ideas let me know!

The Player Characters- Scientists have reverse engineered the alien technology they recovered from the probes in the hopes of finding a weakness, but only some people are compatible with the bio-tech they've developed. the world is desperately searching for anyone willing to undergo treatment in the hopes of finding they heros they so dearly need.

This is where the PCs come in. Apped characters to the game are essentially people who have agreed to submit to this experimentation for one reason or another. Maybe they were forced by a sense of duty, family, the promise of money, or the chance for fame? There are a lot of different ways that you can make your character agree to this, but ideally all the characters should at least begrudgingly consent to this even if they end up regretting that decision later. The reason for this is that I don't want the focus of the game to be "escape" or "revenge" like is typical in a lot of jamjars. I want the characters to each have their own reasons for doing this and therefore have different ideas on how to best react to that situation. However, if you disagree with this I would love to hear your thoughts! I'm open to changing anything you've read in this description as long as there's a well thought out reason behind it!

A Resolution?- Basically the aliens use a lot of organic technology, so computers and stuff like that is all powered by living things of one kind or another which are bred for the purpose. The scientists have found a way to combine the bio-tech of the aliens, and the robotics of "earth" to create a powerful weapon that combines the strength of these organic weapons with the strength of robotics and human ingenuity and intuition.

Yeah, they made cyborg dragons. The problem is the ability to interface with these dragons (to drive/control/guide them, whichever verb you choose) is rare (basically something in the characters dna) AND in addition they aren't sure yet what the side effects of interfacing will be. Volunteers for the project will likely have to undergo some amount of modification (microchip in your brain/robot parts) to allow them to wield their dragons properly.

Any ideas as to what the side-effects could be or to the amount of modification? I haven't decided on anything concrete here yet so I would love to hear your ideas about both how the dragons work and about the results interfacing can have on the characters!

Themes that will set the "Tone" of this game.- This game has a couple of different themes, but the main ones I'd like to explore will be fear of the unknown and the joy of discovery. Minor themes involve experimentation, fear as a source of political control, man vs beast, coping with a changing world, the inherent moral problems involved in creating a somewhat sentient species for the sole purpose of servitude, and the intimate connection born from sharing another's mind.

I'm happy to expound on how these themes will influence the game if anyone has any questions, but since these are the inspiration for the game they are pretty much set in stone. While a lot of other stuff is still changeable at this point, the themes and tone of the game are pretty much set. Sorry! That being said let me know if you have any thoughts or comments, I'd love to talk with you all and come up with some more ideas!

Re: not!dragon called

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I was one of the anons who was interested in apping to Dragon Called before the main mod disappeared and honestly this premise doesn't appeal to me. I do like the idea of the cybernetic dragons but I think maybe the setting is putting me off. Having the whole affair set in a world much like ours doesn't leave much room for exploration. Plus would this mean all characters that could be applied to the game would have to be from that setting and time period? I don't see any mention of a mechanic that would make it possible to pull in characters from other worlds or time periods. Has some one invented a time machine or an advanced 'sliders' style portal to look for help to combat this alien threat or is this going to be an AU game where normal citizens answer the call to join the war effort?

Since you have this odd scifi/fantasy combination going on it almost feels like you should go further with the scifi elements. Maybe place the setting on a different world with an even higher level of technology. Maybe the planet hasn't been fully explored yet so there could be secrets, more fantasy-like creatures to find, hidden places. Maybe these scientists can bio-engineer dragon riders by taking DNA from citizens and crafting their own soldiers which could give them greater ability to control their dragons. This could be an opt in mechanic if that is how the player would like to get their character involved in the game.

If you are set on your slightly more advanced modern day setting then you will need to add some kind of distinct culture to your world. Maybe take inspiration from an Earth culture that rarely appears in games like India or Aztecs. Decide how the local citizens would react to having a cybernetic dragon army, would they be heroes or would dragon riders be met with suspicion?

Long reply made short I feel like your setting needs something to make it even more unique and interesting. The dragon angle is a good starting place but honestly I have been in a ton of games where aliens were the antagonists (without knowing more about your plans it sounds kind of generic), I have no interest in the body horror element adding cybernetics to people could create, and mostly the setting sounds kind of plain.

I don't want to discourage you, this just might not be a game for me, but I was trying to offer some helpful feedback.

idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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Re: idea anon

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Re: not!dragon called

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as someone who was interested in dc, i am not comparing this to dc.

setting: i'm actually pretty okay with a slightly futuristic world that's not omg no dystopia/apocalypse fight for survival, that's right, you lick that water out of that dirty puddle. if you're looking for visual ideas, a couple series i've seen that broached that aspect lately have been almost human and minority report (both tv series, the latter based off the movie). not too far in the future, but there's some interesting advances with them.

conflict: aliens is certainly a little different, and it gives you a sci-fi element which isn't too space-themed. as for potential disasters, maybe something that interferes with gravity via the moon or something and causes tidal waves/floods? or possibly something that reacts with the magma core and has a few lava/volcano breaches, or a giant crack that goes down from the surface to the center of the earth, like a huge scar on the planet. (idk, just snowballing here)

the players: like the other anon said, you're going to have to come up with a way to incorporate people who aren't from future land into it. maybe something via sliders, some device that tracks through time/alternate realities that finds those few people that are compatible with the biotech? they get brought in and asked to help, or you can mix and match it as a willing jamjar, and have scouting parties that go out to alternate realities (because timelines might affect their own world's future and whoops, no tech because you brought in the inventor of blahblah) and try to recruit other people. (though, it's always easier as an excuse to bring people in by accident/via tech because the argument is always going to be 'why would my char agree to do this', and some people will feel limited by consent)

resolution: ... drift dragons. that's what i'm saying. you have to do some pacrim drift zone or something to connect with the dragons. yeah. yeah.

Re: not!dragon called

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Re: not!dragon called

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Most of the dragon roleplays I've seen have been medieval-era based, so I think a sci-fi setting would be unique enough not to compete. Technology instead of magic, for example, would make for different interactions. I like the idea of scientific and political angles as well.

I like the idea of an enigmatic alien force! The concept can go many different ways. Are the aliens just here to say hi? Are they trying to help us but their technology doesn’t work with ours? Or did they attack? Are they even sentient? I think there could be interesting story development here - as intrigue for characters to interpret and explore for themselves. (I’ll add that in a jamjar where characters come from canon, they will try to understand the aliens and biotech from their worlds’ perspective. Whereas in an AU setting, perceptions will differ by country and field.)

Cyborg Dragons
A question for clarification: would the biomechanical creatures exist mainly as vessels? Or would they have their own personality and the ability to function independently? (I assume the latter, but just checking!)

My favorite side-effect is when the user's emotional state can tremendously affect both the connection and results of linking up and battling together. (Digimon Tamers anime comes to mind.) It's great for character growth and interesting to play out.

As there were doubts about successful AU games, here are numbers: The current AUs are Brave New World (opened 2014 and has a cast of 60+) and Underground (opened 2015 and has a cast of 30+). If there are others, they may be invites or museboxes.

If my muses were told that an alien threat could affect their world - and they believed it (some would suspect coercion by the government unless they saw proof) - many would willingly apply their strength to defeating it.

However, if the bonding/fighting process was terribly hard (too much experimentation or trauma), some would drop out and apply their talents elsewhere. (Thus I'm not interested in horror elements since the characters should want to participate.) Also, intellectual characters might be more interested in learning about the aliens or science than actually fighting.

Lastly, I am in agreement with one of the anons above regarding a solid world setting. I would prefer a structured environment to play out this sort of plot, since I like to know in clear terms what is possible within the realm of the game, especially for coordinating AU histories and incorporating politics.

Hope this helps and gives ideas! I’m looking forward to seeing where this project goes.

Multifandom Dressing Room

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What are the chances of it flopping if I tried to make a new one?

Re: Multifandom Dressing Room

(Anonymous) 2016-05-29 09:11 am (UTC)(link)

I don't know if I'm serious or not - just spinning ideas here.

Considering memes are what people are most used to these days I figure I would post catch-all RP posts to start with where people could top-level. The comm I'm thinking of making would be seasons themed, so I would cycle semi-regularly through autumn - winter - spring - summer, with the occasional bad weather post. People can do whatever they want in these posts.

So, like, a normal posting cycle would look like this:
- autumn (week 1), autumn (week 2), autumn (week 3), autumn (week 4)
- winter (week 1), winter (week 2), winter (week 3), winter (week 4)
- spring (week 1), spring (week 2), spring (week 3), spring (week 4)
- summer (week 1), summer (week 2), summer (week 3), summer (week 4)

With bad weather posts:
- autumn (week 1), tropical storm, autumn (week 3), autumn (week 4)
- winter (week 1), winter (week 2), severe drought, winter (week 4)
- spring (week 1), spring (week 2), spring (week 3), spring (week 4)
- ice storm, summer (week 2), summer (week 3), summer (week 4)

Each post would have a blurb that summarizes the season and asks a few questions about what characters could be doing then.

Re: Multifandom Dressing Room

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Re: Multifandom Dressing Room

(Anonymous) 2016-06-04 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)

there's been attempts that keep flopping

there's one that currently exists and is still going but most people don't know it exists because it's largely ignored


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i think the time is ripe for a jamjar with a simple premise. i'm so done with having to read 9835265 pages of descriptions before even knowing whether i'd like to join the game. can't we go back to simpler times?


(Anonymous) 2016-05-30 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
i miss more relaxed games. and not like sol only games, but more lighter paced ones.


(Anonymous) 2016-05-30 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
People get bored so quickly that you'd need a simple premise and a lot of mod presence to keep things hopping. Responsive to player input re: polls and NPC's and things.


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Mission-based Exploration Game set in the Star Trek Universe?

(Anonymous) 2016-05-31 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
Is that something anyone would be interested in? It would take place on a Federation starship lost somewhere outside our galaxy (sort of a la Voyager), and events would involve exploring new planets and meeting new races, possibly hostile ones; these would be pretty flexible, there could be tasks to fulfill or skirmishes to try and mediate. Pit the Prime Directive against the individual morals and philosophies of characters from other canons and there's bound to be some interesting fallout.

The focus would be on building lasting CR with your unlikely shipmates to get the ship back to Federation space, and then hopefully get you home to wherever you're from. I'd be happy to expound on ideas or answer questions, I'm just trying to gauge interest at this point, since the only Trek game I've ever really seen floating around is Ten Forward.

(Anonymous) 2016-05-31 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
i would love this so much.

Re: Mission-based Exploration Game set in the Star Trek Universe?

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Yes, please

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OP with some info links!

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Re: Reservations Opening 15June!

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we heard you like test drive memes

(Anonymous) 2016-06-01 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
So. For all of you who would like a happy medium in between "posting a few sentences to an anoncomm to gauge interest" and "setting up an entire community just for a test drive," this is now a thing that exists:


There are always some really cool ideas that I see in these threads-- it would be nice to see some of them given life, and see people playing in them!

Re: we heard you like test drive memes

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Dream City

(Anonymous) 2016-06-01 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
Premise: When we sleep, we all become a part of each other's dreams. Dream City is a massive floating city in the clouds where characters from many worlds and canons end up while sleeping in their own worlds.

Because this is the dream world, days months and years could be hours or seconds or even less in the real world. Characters come and go as they please, forgetting about their time in dream city when they wake in their own world because dreams slip away from us when we wake. But when they go back to sleep they're right back in the city and suddenly the memories come rushing back.

This would make canon updating a breeze and the passage of time for characters in game can be vastly varied as for when they are or aren't awake. One character might spend days in game, another might go years without waking up.

The city itself functions like a strange utopia at times, a vast city where everyone can interact. But due to the volatile nature of dreams, anything can happen or change at any moment. From the most absurd pink elephant parade to a terrifying nightmare. Anything can happen.

Death in the world of dreams isn't permanent, and the city can be different things for different characters. It could be a place to work out the problems of their self conscious. It could be a nightmare from which they can not escape, or maybe it's just a crazy dream.

Plots would be varied and the effects not lasting. Anything from nightmarish scenarios, sex pollen, animal invasions, wish granting, sudden love connections, age changing, body swaps and more. No evil overlords, no gods, no driving force. Just the fucked up imaginations of thousands of realities dumping people's sub conscious selves into a shared dream city where characters interact, change, grow and coexist while in dreamland.

Re: Dream City

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Re: Dream City

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I've got an idea for a PvP game with a lot of character agency. The basic premise is that 100 characters are made part of an interdimensional reality TV show in which they must kill each other until one remains. Every time a winner is decided, a new show starts with different rules and setting.

Provisional name is '99 Kills' but the shows probably wouldn't always need 100 characters.

Apps would have a focus on simplicity and would mostly be decided on samples. Players can have one main character that has a certain number of death vetoes to ensure the player gets to use them for a while, whilst being encouraged to have several minor characters there for the sake of plotting and to die. As a result, there'd be high character per player limit (maybe up to 10) and AC would be really low- like 'just write a sentence about what they did this month' low. Dropping and AC failure puts a character into a death raffle, anyone who wants to claim the kill for one of their characters gets a chance.

There would a be a rule that when you app, you agree not to go against the spirit of the game by being overly protective of characters or taking 'winning' too seriously.

Though not easy, characters would be able to escape the show. No omnipotent NPCS. Also, what characters bring with them would be broad if allowed by the setting of the 'show'- Batman gets his utility belt and setting allowed his bank account, any show that allows weapons includes mechs/animal companions etc.

Each show would have a loose recommended power bracket (for want of a better term) but a couple above and below the limit would be allowed each time.

Shows already in my head:

Being dropped into modern Earth and given a time limit to be the last man standing.

Same as the above, but with the addition that if anyone outside the show became aware of the show/supernatural ongoings the ones caught die.

A detective game, in which correctly accusing someone of murder and explaining how they did it results in the accused dying.

A show in which participants are separated into sheep who have to survive and wolves who have to kill- but there's no way to tell which is which.

A points based game in which the goal is to get to a certain number first- it would emphasise forming teams more than the other games, with points shared by official teammates.

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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Panfandom Fantasy Idea

(Anonymous) 2016-06-04 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Panfandom Fantasy Jamjar

Characters arrive in an unfamiliar world via one of 3 different plot-relevant arrival options: waking from a sleep, walking through a mist or darkness (a la the entrance into Narnia), or interacting with an ancient artifact in their canonical world. Once there, through adventure and discovery they learn that the balance of magic which has before separated all worlds is weakening and crumbling. Characters can choose to try to return home, try to bring down these magical barriers, or try to restore them to their previous stronger state. Theses include exploration, culture clashes, sacrifice, magic, and more.

AC & Apps
Lightweight AC, 10-20 comments. Canon characters, ocs, canon aus, all accepted.

Cool stuff
- IC magic links between groups of characters who arrived in the same style to build unique cr opportunities
- Character-driven metaplot
- Opportunity to gain unique magic, items, and power
- Differing starting spots every app cycle
- Bi-monthly events

A fantasy world with vying powers and unique cultures for characters to explore and interact with. Several different kingdoms will all have various agendas not just relating to the state of magic, but the appearance of player characters. The big problem is that the mythical forces which protect this balance of magic are dying, and their death causes temporal rifts. Characters can opt to try and kill these remaining forces to create more temporal tears to use to travel home, to defend them for magic and powers, or to get involved in all kinds of other ways.

State your interest! Seeking comod candidates at this stage.

Re: Panfandom Fantasy Idea

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Re: ayrt

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Re: da

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Re: Panfandom Fantasy Idea

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Re: op

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Re: Panfandom Fantasy Idea

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Re: Panfandom Fantasy Idea

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Re: op

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Re: Panfandom Fantasy Idea

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Re: Panfandom Fantasy Idea

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The Murder Games - fast paced, dark, character death-friendly game

(Anonymous) 2016-06-05 06:02 am (UTC)(link)
The title is super cliche, I know, but I think this could be cool. It would be a game designed to be fast paced with violent or mature themes, forced character development (most likely negative), and the option to have an incredibly short character lifespan or a longer one. All names are tentative :(

Includes a lot of detail and discussion about murder and death.


You wake up in what's called 'The Dump', essentially a large garbage dump filled with bodies. Decades ago a disease (or genetic anomaly) awakened causing a mass outbreak of crime and society's subsequent move to adapt to The Condition (TC). TC causes only one symptom: the intense, uncontrollable, urge to commit murder. It can't be overtaken by willpower and only ceases once the crime has been committed. TC obeys the following conditions:

(1) Occurs within 1-3 months after arrival. (For natives it manifests 1-3 months after turning 18 years of age.) It follows a week long progression where day 1 entails obsessive murderous thoughts and day 7 is the uncontrollable murderous state.
(2) If TC is satisfied by committing murder, the symptom takes another 1-3 months until reoccurring.
(3) Once triggered if TC is not satisfied within a week, the individual can no longer recover to a non-TC condition.
(4) If an individual commits murder before their TC triggers, it's guaranteed suppression for exactly 1 month. Once that month is up the 1-3 month cycle repeats.
(5) Individuals remember everything.

The only known suppressors are experimental drugs that can only be obtained from the black market. These are extremely expensive and only available through decisions that will negatively affect your character e.g. making a dangerous deal with a seller on the black market, selling services to a rich individual with access to private pharmaceutical test drugs, etc. TC is not necessarily a rabid or wild state; it's main and essential characteristic is (day 7 onwards) the all-consuming obsession and desire to commit murder.


At least 50 years in the future. Think modern day technology with products that are logical responses to the emergence of TC. TC has resulted in a society where the streets are lawless except for small, privately guarded and suppressed, private bubbles. A dying police force remains but they suppress their own TC conditions by regularly hunting down and killing TC triggered individuals. Law states all individuals 18 years and 4 months old are guaranteed murderers.

Unless they're registered. The main governmental body created a registration system. 18y4m and older persons must be registered in order to be protected by the law and allowed into the private TC-suppressed bubbles. You can only obtain registration through connections, money, influence, etc. Rumors will emerge that someone in the TC-suppressed bubbles is developing a theory behind why foreigners from different worlds are showing up in the The Dump (and eventually that they've also discovered a way out).

Player involvement:

(1) Due to the corrupt and lawless state of society, PCs can quickly gain access to the black market, the police force, or various TC street gangs. With some time, PCs can also enter/join the TC-suppressed networks or areas.

(2) Player involvement is key. The plot is inherently geared towards conflict and tempo/favor will sway between the various factions and forces within the setting. Is the solution to widely distribute experimental black market TC-suppression drugs? Is it to reform the police system and jail only TC-triggered individuals? Is it to remain in and reinforce TC-suppressed bubbles in order to preserve mankind? Etc. Etc. If a natural resolution is determined by PCs and the majority of the playerbase agrees to cease, I'm completely okay with ending it.

(3) Very strict rules on godmodding and the need for clear and effective communication between players before murder attempts. Don't go killing random characters and blame it on TC!

(4) You can either choose when TC triggers for your character or have the mods pick a random month for you. It would be a RNG number.

Death mechanic:

Once dead, a character's body gets disposed of in The Dump. If re-apped, the character awakens back in The Dump. The player can choose to either reset all memories or regain them all. (Why? Someone might be experimenting on the bodies in The Dump... Who knows?) There has to be a one month gap between death and re-app (the character becomes unappable for this time period, unless the player opts out of a possible reapp).

However, when re-apping a dead character you have to explain in detail one explicitly negative loss. Not just dying (cause everyone is dying around here) but things like:

Physical: Character A has lost use of his right arm since it was stabbed multiple times and developed gangrene. Or Character B awakens without the ability to hear. (Nasty experimental scientists doing illegal things.)

Mental/Personality: Character C has changed from state A to state C, losing their once firm conviction that murder is wrong.

If you feel as if your character has hit a rut but you want to continue, you can detail one positive addition. e.g.:

Character A lost his arm the last death cycle, but this time he regains use of it.

So much lost CR and bloody deaths have wrecked character C into unplayable territory, but I want to retain their development! Instead of bahleeting all of their memories I want to erase these specific memories of these deaths in order to play them again. (Note: if this potentially affects characters IN GAME you need to obtain prior agreement from the players.) Character C can now function again.


(1) Moderate player cap
(2) Monthly app cycle
(3) No powers and no weapons.

My notes!

I don't want this to be a super grimdark TRAGIC EVERYWHERE DESPAIR AND DESOLATION THE WORLD IS ENDING kind of game. It would be dark and allow players to explore themes like accountability of those who murder, corrupt governments/inequality, a well meaning but also reprehensible police force, hope in the face of despair, forcing characters to confront survival by murder essentially, normalizing character death and short character lifespans. Intense CR that develops quickly, forced character development, and if the player chooses - death! But through the re-apping process, players still are able to continue following the game and its development as long as they're wise about how repeated deaths will negatively affect their character.

Plot developments would give players and characters some hope that not all is lost and there might be a solution to this madness. They would also be set up in a way that would help speed up CR development. I think it could be a fun way to go FAST AND FURIOUS in a messed up world with dubious morals and a ticking time bomb on everyone's heads.

I'd be open to making a post on testdrivestreet if people are interested! This idea has been stuck in my head. I mainly just wanted to put some purpose behind it and share it.

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