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Pulled pork

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Do not treat this comm like your personal Plurk or Twitter. Off-topic happens, but it should be open for discussion and not just a play-by-play of your life. No one cares.
Shut up about Tumblr. If it's not a discussion about Tumblr RP it will be deleted.





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You wake up on the ground. Maybe you were fighting and got knocked out, or maybe you were just walking down the street, or maybe you went to bed as normal. Whatever it was, you have nothing but the clothes that were on your back. The walls are made of mud and the floor is stone, and the room is empty except for you, a brazier, and a woman. She sits serenely nearby in a sheer robe, legs folded as she watches you calmly.

"Welcome, stranger," she says. "You're on an island called Iwi, in the temple of Keb. The gods have brought you here for some purpose. If you have any questions for me, you may ask, though I may not be able to answer. Otherwise, you may go to the courtyard and wait with the other visitors. Go in peace."

The courtyard is full of palm trees and fruit-bearing bushes, and you can see a jungle stretching above the walls of the temple. As you make your way over to a cluster of people who look as out-of-place as you feel, the gates of the temple are pushed open...

Temple Gates is an action-adventure incentive-based smut game, set on a tropical island. There is no smut AC, and characters can live and participate in the plot without having sex, although they may not like it. Temple Gates accepts fandom characters, OCs, CRAUs, and fandom OCs or minor characters without a strong connection to the main cast. Temple Gates has multiple systems in place to facilitate CR and encourage characters to spread the love, and will afford players many opportunities to affect the plot and the setting.
Apps are currently open! They will close April 21 at 11:59pm GMT.

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On the planet Iniidae located somewhere in the Delphinus constellation, you awaken from a jolt of pain in the underwater base, ready to start a new day. You have a memory of some reason why you would joined a mission to scout the planet, record data, and make it habitable by any means necessary.

But that's no easy task. The base is small, claustrophobic, sometimes maddeningly quiet and none too private. Escaping cabin fever by diving out into the unknown depths could prove fatal with so many creatures leagues ahead of you on the food chain. The deeper you go, the further away from safety, the more deadly and strange the world becomes. A downed ship from a recent crew looms in the distance, wrecked, as a reminder that there isn't an easy way off now.

But don't lose heart. The only way to make it now is to move forward. You aren't alone and with your fellow survivors and a handy AI named URSULA, you can reshape the world. You can make it a better place to live. And maybe, with some luck, you can find a way off the planet. Or maybe you'll want to stay here forever in a paradise of your making. The water feels like home in a way that you just can't shake. It sings to you in your sleep.

This is Iniidae, a planet with its own will. But whose is stronger? Yours or the planet's?


Subnautica is an underwater adventure and exploration game, borrowing elements of survival and psychological horror as well as slice of life, with a plot driven by characters' choices and interactions with the planet. Characters must explore the depths, chart them and change them using terraforming technology. Characters will also be responsible for taking and managing on the local wildlife, whether through peaceful means or violence. Explore and create. Destroy and change. All of these things will have an impact on the plot and shape the world around you.

The TDM is currently live
Reserves open APRIL 17th
Applications open APRIL 24th

Come dive in with us!

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The Far Shore

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'Dusk is the border between evening and night time.
People of the living world fear the dark and hide themselves.
People of the land of the dead slip into the darkness and dominate it.
People in the past said that one could meet apparitions at that time…
the time of disasters…'

The ayakashi are spirits formed from dead souls and negative energy that feed on the living and drag them down into the depths of despair. The gods of this world fight to protect the people who worship them, but they are not completely safe from harm. They may be immortal because they can reincarnate, but their leaders - the Heavens - are controlling and manipulative.

Lately, the Heavens have been killing gods to force them to reincarnate. They have the ability to force the souls of sentient beings from other worlds to reincarnate as a murdered god. In dragging these souls to their world they have pulled more souls than needed away from their homes. The extra souls are being forced into becoming weapons of gods - the shinki.

What has happened to the souls of the actual gods? Who will stop the Heavens from doing whatever they want? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy your stay on...

The Far Shore

The Far Shore is a panfandom jamjar game based on the world of Noragami where your character can either be a god or a shinki (the weapon of a god). Memory-loss and power nerfing are both optional.

Applications close TONIGHT at 7pm EST. The TDM is live for all your test drive needs.

Premise | Rules | FAQ | Reserves | Taken | Application | Navigation

Log Community | Network Community | OOC Community | Meme Community

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Premise Rules & Faqs Monsters
Taken Reserves Applications Full Navigation

Whatever you may be doing... reading, fighting, dying, and anything in between, a bat, yes a bat, suddenly appears before you. In its claws is a parchment and vial attached. It drops the parchment and vial with little warning on your head. Before it can be caught, before any questions can be asked, the bat is gone in a puff of black curling smoke. The parchment, which had been tied in a simple black ribbon, has somehow unfurled and scrawled inside in neat but strange writing is a message you oddly can read despite clearly not being in your native language:

"My dear friends!

If you are getting this letter, then Dr. Finklestein's experiment was a success! I am Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King and Master of Fright, leader of Halloween Town. After having discussed it with the other leaders of the other Holidays, we would like to invite you and the others receiving this letter to experience our holidays like never before!
There is so much the others and I wish to show you! So many amazing wonders of our holidays that you won't believe your eyes! It shall be so much fun! I will assure you safe passage from and eventually back to your home. For those of you who are dying, rest in peace knowing we have the ability to bring you here good as new or just as dead as you like! We have all sorts in Halloween Town, after all.

Just drink the vial attached! Yes, that black swirling vial with the skull bottle-stopper. That will bring you straight to us and we can explain more as soon as you get here!

Until then, my friends.

Forever the Pumpkin King,
Jack Skellington"

Is it a trick? Is it real? How can it be? You won't know until you open the bottle, and take a drink. Do you dare?

Reserves are open April 24th!
Applications are open May 1st!
Test Drive Meme is OPEN!

Halloween Town is a panfandom game with world exploration and slice of life elements. Due to the nature of the content there are some horror elements but nothing too gruesome. The game also allows for world building..


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[community profile] tiamat_openlogs[community profile] tiamat_closedlogs[community profile] tiamat_network[community profile] tiamat_ooc

The cellar door is open. The very same one you could never unlock in all the years you've lived in this house. The door you willfully ignored, since no one seemed to notice. It's open now, breathing into your house with thousands of years of greed. And with it is a presence. Lingering in the air, it bombards you from every angle, locking your limbs up and freezing you in place. Caught.

Something inside you screams: Run! Run as fast as you can, and hide! Yet you can't, because something's blocking your way.

This creature--it was human. So easy to tell by the way it holds itself up, trying to gulp in air, its limbs askew on the checkered floor of your kitchen. Its growl is guttural, slithering past rotten teeth and a mouth full of hunger. And those eyes, those are no longer human, they're mad and raw.

Is that... your neighbor? It might have been, once. Now, it's a thing of horror. A thing that's scrambling to its feet, drool dripping past bloodied lips in long and sticky strings, the way your dog would salivate just before a meal.

The moment before your fingers curl around the handle of a knife, you come to understand just how twisted your world's suddenly become.

✦ ✦ ✦

Tiamat is a panfandom, mission-based space adventure roleplaying game. Filled with horror elements, the storyline is dynamic. What your character chooses to do--or not do--will impact both the game's narrative and its multiple settings. Expect plot-heavy planetary missions, slice of life interactions on the spaceship, Lovecraft-themed mysticism, aliens, high-level tech, and ritualistic magic. Each character will be part of a team on the Tiamat, which will include an NPC leader; however, there's always an opportunity for PCs to rise in the ranks and lead their own teams on future missions.




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Remainstreet: Post Apocalyptic Survival/Horror Game

[personal profile] pathogeneric 2016-04-16 07:50 am (UTC)(link)
{ Test Drive }{ FAQ }{ Setting }{ Rules }{ Navigation }{ [plurk.com profile] remainstreet }
[community profile] remainstreet is a newly opened survival-horror game with world building and slice of life elements. It takes place largely in the town of Assurance, approximately four years after the end of the world as humanity knew it. Characters have to try and find a way to create sustainable living for themselves in an area with cold winters and scarce supplies.

It initially takes place in a mix of a Walking Dead style Zombie apocalypse with Silent Hill elements. As the game goes on there will be potential for various other zombies and nightmare/hallucination monsters to eventually become a part of the world around them. Especially from the worlds of characters who join.

Most of the game's focus will be on rebuilding the town, finding supplies, creating methods of supplying energy/food to the town, and defending the town from zombies and other survivors. Some of the plots include zombie hordes, passing antagonistic or friendly survival groups and small group plots focused on exploring nearby towns, farms, warehouses and vehicle graveyards for supplies whenever the fog lifts.

We are aiming to become a small-medium sized game. New arrivals will be handled as an event every 3-8 weeks where a mix of new characters and player-controlled NPCs arrive in town as a stray group of characters passing through. Canon Characters and Original Characters are appable; Game-Breaking powers are nerfed but not removed. To learn more, hit Navigation and come check us out.

Remainstreet Test Drives are focused on immersion so people don't play out their introduction to the game in the test drive, and then have to rehash it when their character shows up in game.

There is a current test drive up and mod applications are open, with game reserves opening next week! Come try out the game and have some fun with zombies.

Mod Applications are open: Here
Reserves: Open
Applications Open: Thursday, April 21st
Applications Close: Friday, April 29th at 11:59pm est
Date of the next entry period: Saturday, April 30th

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You fall through a rift.

It's a bit of a mistake, but the unforeseeable circumstances don't leave you lost in the ether. Instead, you turn up in Oska, nexus between the worlds, headquarters of ALASTAIR. They specialize in maintaining the timelines of the multiverse, assuring that the events that need to happen, happen. They're also your new employer.

Traditionally, ALASTAIR takes volunteers. But new blood isn't coming in as quickly as the Timeline needs fixing, and more and more long-serving agents are choosing to transfer or retire. For your service, you'll receive adequate food, shelter, rewards, and a spiffy uniform. And eventually, they promise, a ride back home if you need one. But who knows? You might find you enjoy the work.

All you have to do is go to other worlds and do what needs to be done to ensure the future stays intact. It sounds simple enough, and besides, you don't have any other option. As soon as you're deemed mission-worthy, you're shipped off—

You're going to have quite the adventure.


Nalawi is a tropical nation built over a series of islands. The natives there are a small deer-like people, each one with a unique ability called a “Gift of Nalanni.” Their lives and society have been built around these abilities and using them to run everything around them. Recently their Gifts have been beginning to fade out and disappear, which is disrupting and breaking down their way of life. The volcanoes all over the islands, revered for their association with their goddess Nalanni, have begun to go dormant, and many citizens believe this is proof that something terrible has happened to their beloved deity.

APPLICATIONS are always open and accepted on a rolling basis as spots open up.
N E T W O R K  •  L O G S  •  O O C  •  E T C
N A V  •  P R E M I S E  •  F A Q  •  A P P S  •  T A K E N
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The Hotel Between Worlds Dressing Room - An Open Dressing Room

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The Hotel Between Worlds
An Open Dressing Room

[community profile] thehotel

Welcome to the Hotel Between Worlds. An expansive resort settled in between nothing and nowhere. The Amenities and resort itself were designed to offer nearly anything to anyone who might end up vacationing there.

This dressing room is designed as a place where characters come and go in and out of their canon worlds, either by choice or by force, for a vacation from their reality and their lives. Time doesn't move and beyond the resort grounds is a vast nothingness that drops them right back into their assigned rooms. Is it reality? Is it an illusion? Who knows or cares. The resort's purpose is to force relaxation on the characters of every time and world, and it will accomplish those goals with or without the cooperation of the characters it holds hostage.

There's a pool, a bar, a vast collection of rooms in all sizes, a lounge, a game room and arcade, a restaurant, tennis courts, a golf course, a quidditch field, a spa, elevators that go in every direction and so much more.

Characters have been sent here for an enforced vacation from their reality. It's time for them to get drunk, sleep it off, and generally try to find their way around the labyrinthian hallways of the hotel.

You are no longer in your own world. A bellhop hands you a room key and mutters that all luggage has to be carried by residents, company policy. After that, well, the rest is up to you.

Don't worry, according to staff, you've already paid with a credit card, and everything the hotel has to offer will just be charged to your room. Beyond that, the staff is unhelpful and at times antagonistic. Don't ask them questions and they will go about their business, but irritate them too much and your level of service drops. Leave them be and they will make sure you get everything you might need to accomplish the goal of the hotel.

A much needed and strictly enforced vacation from reality.

Now with an OOC Meme so people can get to know one another/chat.

» This is an open dressing room. Anyone who joins the community can post.
» Posts created can be anything from long logs to brief sentence or longer starters.
» Give people something to work with and a reason to tag you.
» Occasional mingle memes might be posted to the community and cross-posted elsewhere to draw attention, but all will take place within the hotel and starters will be required.

Re: The Hotel Between Worlds Dressing Room - An Open Dressing Room

(Anonymous) 2016-04-17 12:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe post a link to the ooc meme in Bakerstreet, so people who don't hit up the anoncomms can see it?
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Inugami Academy

✿ You wake up at a desk in a classroom, your hand clutching a piece of paper rolled up and tied with red ribbon. Beyond the windows is a flat grey fog. Outside the windows at the end of the room furthest from you stands a tree bursting with pink blossoms - but no, you lean closer to the window and there is no tree outside. The blossoms are painted onto the window, and are strangely shaped. Near the painted flowers stands a teacher, arms crossed, glaring straight at you. The teacher turns back to the blackboard and begins to speak, but you understand nothing.

Was everything you remember a dream? As you look at the students, some whispering and others smirking, all stealing glances at you, you realize they all look exactly the same. And when evening descends, all too soon, you begin to realize the halls are not what they seem.

• Nothing, in fact, is what it seems. •

✿ Inugami is a panfandom high school psychological/body horror game with a focus on the Lovecraft mythos and Japanese mythology. Your character takes the role of a student at Inugami Academy, where everything is eerily normal - but only on the surface. They can attend classes, join clubs, and use school facilities, or they may choose not to. But remember - every choice has its consequences.

Testdrive OPEN
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Nexus Sages: Multiversal Answers to Multiversal Questions

[personal profile] varnished_truths 2016-04-20 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
"The greatest tragedy that can befall us is to go unimagined." – N. Scott Momaday
The thing is, there's always a portal. Sometimes it's a door, sometimes it's a shadow, sometimes it's a step to the left when you should have gone right. However it happened, here you are: in the in-between of everywhere. Maybe you can get home, maybe you can't. Maybe you're alive when you shouldn't be. Maybe you're just looking for a great organic farmer's market. You're here now. Might as well make the most of it.
WHAT TO DO (story)
"We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, we travel to be lost." – Ray Bradbury
Ever wonder where the magician's assistant goes after she's put in the box? Where the trickster god goes when he steps out of the panel? Where the forgotten corners of the world go when the maps are redrawn? You're about to find out--you're one of them now. You can go just about anywhere from here, if you're brave and foolish and know the way. Or you can wait for it to all come to you. The lost puzzle pieces of existence are cobbling themselves together again. Want to help?
"When you come back you will not be you. And I may not be I." – E.M. Forster, “The Other Boat”
[community profile] nexus_sages is a pan-fandom dressing room with a dynamic setting, player-driven plots, and minimalist modding (problems addressed, events planned, light housekeeping). No apps, no activity checks, no reserve lists, no "taken" characters. Play who you want when you can and leave when you must; we'll be here when you get back. AUs and OCs welcome.
table code by iheartunicorns
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[personal profile] hadesmods 2016-04-22 04:22 am (UTC)(link)
Yeesh. You're looking rough. All Night of the Living Dead. Minus, y'know, the living part.

Am I being too subtle? Are you catching my drift yet? You're dead! Dead, wasted, obliterated. But you know what? Everybody dies. What comes after, now that's the fun part.

Where are we going? I'll tell you, but you've gotta promise not to freak out. People always freak out. You know that whole final judgment deal? The trial in the sky that decides if you've been naughty or nice? Wellllll, the verdict is out and you, my friend, are guilty as sin.

Hey, come back! You promised you wouldn't lose it, remember?

Hell's not so bad. Sure, we get a bad rap and yes, eternal damnation wasn't too great a time, but that's gone the way of the dino. Now we have community service! The impalement rates are at an all-time low!

So buckle up, cowboy. It's going to be one hell of a ride.
Little Hades is a sandbox game set in a charming little town in Hell.
It's a home for misfits and scoundrels, and really bad eggs.
(seriously, the eggs are terrible)



(Anonymous) 2016-04-24 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
you have the most entertaining FAQ i've read in a very long time. godspeed, hades mods. i'm definitely apping.
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[personal profile] hadesmods 2016-04-24 08:02 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much, kind anon! We greatly look forward to processing your soul.


(Anonymous) 2016-04-24 09:42 am (UTC)(link)
Wish I could app, but I can't handle another game. This looks incredible though, and if I suddenly find myself with more time, I'll be sending my idle hands your way.


(Anonymous) 2016-04-24 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
I also need a muse terrible enough I wouldn't feel bad for them, but man what a great setting.


(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
This game is good and you should feel good.
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[personal profile] hadesmods 2016-04-27 07:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you, anon! Have a highly affectionate nunpig.
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In the beginning, there was magic.

In Enprise, this magical energy is present in all living things; from the clouds in the sky to the tiniest ant. They called this energy mana.

Those on the continent of Sansvoir dedicated themselves to studying the mana of the world, and eventually tamed it. It became not only their source of energy, but their way of life. However, with progress comes conflict, always: the greedy and grasping Empire of Noir, in its attempt to drain the land of mana, was overthrown by rebels from its own ranks. They would soon form a new nation on the ashes of the old: the shining Republic of Blanc.

Blanc restored balance to the mana and the land, and for a time there was peace.

But the fight is far from over. After two hundred years, Noir is ready to take back what was theirs. The people of Blanc, living in the shadow of possible invasion, have been in fervent prayer for a miracle.

A hero.

CROSSCHECK is a panfandom fantasy/steampunk game focused on war elements and dungeon crawling. Characters are hailed as Heroes and drafted to fight in a war between two powerful nations in the world of Enprise. In order to prepare for these challenges, our Heroes may fight monsters, collect and create items, explore dungeons, travel the world, and grow stronger as they uncover the truth about the centuries-old conflict between the nations of Noir and Blanc.



Your move.

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[personal profile] letsgolegion 2016-04-24 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
Soon the whole team will be facing off against their first major cosmic threat -- one that can destroy worlds and can't be beaten with brute force. After that, the team will be confronted with a mole in either the Legion or Legion World's support staff -- one that's leaking vital information about their powers and abilities to their enemies.

If you have characters that would fit in well with these plots, or are good with detective work, or are scientists and creative problem solvers, you'll definitely find a lot to do with our upcoming plots.

Currently 37 of 50 players slots are available in the game. The current character limit is 4 characters per player.
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[personal profile] onemind 2016-04-24 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)


      ONCE you were living your life - good, bad, perfectly average - and the next your reality was invaded by an alien force on the hunt-- for you. Luckily, a stranger offered a way out. You accepted.

      NOW there is a light above you. It casts the numerous chambers of the nesting deck in a soft broken light - including yours. There's a tube connected from the chamber to the base of your skull, but that's not what the splitting headache's from. Push past the veneer of pain. Behind it is knowing - that you're not where you once were, that there are others just like you in the neighboring chambers, and that you are not alone..

      Welcome to Station 72. You’ve joined the ranks of the Nest. Nominally a peace-keeping force, the Nest is required to be strong and fit enough to counter balance forces of destruction in the multi-verse. All alien members of the Nest (that's you) are implanted with a symbiotic organism. The symbiote connects with the mind and body of its host, enabling the host body to gain superhuman abilities with which to further their cause. Over time these abilities can be strengthened by solidifying the connection between host and symbiote - but be warned: knowledge and power comes at a cost.

The closer a host is to the hivemind of the Nest, the less of an individual they become.

STATION 72 is a pan-fandom space opera RPG questioning the nature of individuality and its role in the pursuit of a greater multi-dimensional good. It focuses on team building, close interpersonal relationships, and developing shared skills. Strong themes include shared experiences, the meaning of individuality and identity, psychological transformation, and some existential horror.

APPLICATIONS are currently OPEN.
The current TEST DRIVE MEME can be found HERE.


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[personal profile] undergroundmods 2016-04-28 09:01 pm (UTC)(link)

The Underground

There's the London we all know.

And then there's the Underground. The real Underground, a secret world of supernatural forces and strange creatures that walk the city streets hidden in plain sight. Witches, vampires, werewolves. Shapeshifters and humans with extraordinary powers. Ghosts. And the Other Realm, where the fae dwell, and where magic leaks out into every corner of the city.

While the parties of Westminster fight their political battles, there is another much more dangerous power struggle going on. It's a battle for territory, and it is fought by the various supernatural factions that claim dominion over the city.

Will peace prevail? Or is conflict inevitable? Let the story begin...

About the Game
The Underground is an alternate universe (AU) game set in a supernatural version of modern-day London. The game is a mix of urban fantasy and supernatural drama, with slice-of-life elements and political intrigue.

Player characters will join various supernatural factions vying for territory within the city. Choose your allies, build up your empires and make your move. The actions of player characters will determine who comes out on top in the fight for power.

[community profile] undergrounds[community profile] abovegrounds[community profile] thetube

Reserves and applications are open! Try out our latest Test Drive Meme.
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[personal profile] calling_mods 2016-05-14 01:15 am (UTC)(link)


The Calling is an open sandbox-type game with bi-weekly mini events, optional adventures, themed areas with everything from romance to comedy to horror, and a play to your intensity level attitude. Keep it low key and chill, or take over part of the city: the opportunity is there to change and affect the gamespace, events in canon... or just hang out at an amusement park with your cross-universe buddies. The main theme is heroes and villains, and both are entirely welcome, not to mention welcome to cause (or prevent!) some mayhem.

One day, you wake up to find a small package resting beside your head: within is a strange smartphone-like device, the letters C.A.L.L.E.D. etched into the metal panel on the back. If you choose to power it up, you'll find yourself connected to a network of like-minded individuals, representatives of different worlds and universes. Dig deeper and you'll find the [TRANSPORT] function and that's when things really get interesting.

The device comes from a place called The Seven-fold City. It's not so much that it doesn't have another name as that it has a thousand names in a thousand tongues and no one can really agree which one they like. But everyone can at least agree that it's made up of seven smaller cities, so the compromise remains.

The Seven-fold City sits at the border between fiction and reality, its denizens the people who've filled a thousand stories, its landmarks seen in hundreds of tales. Most importantly, that device that you found? It came from here. And it is to the Seven-fold City you will go should you choose to use the transport function.

What is the purpose of these devices? Why did you receive one? Who created them and who is sending them out? All good questions, though some are more easily answered than others...